Herbs For Hemorrhoids

Other than the prescriptions of doctors and long & expensive medical treatments, there are several natural herbs which can be used to cure hemorrhoids. Though you can see some of them showing positive results if applied topically, but others also work equally well if applied in the anus and they in return clean the area reducing the symptoms side by side.

Some of them are given below:


  1. Aloe Vera gel works like aspirin if applied to the anus reducing the pain.

  2. In place of your typical medical treatment for hemorrhoid, you can use bayberry, goldenseal root, white oak, myrrh as a salve.

  3. To treat bleeding due to hemorrhoids, prepare a paste of comfrey root to put in a poultice.

  4. You can reduce inflammation or swelling of anus by applying elderberry poultice or mullein poultice to the affected area.

  5. You can also apply yarrow after boiling it in tea and applying it many times in a day with cotton ball as it works as an inflammatory agent.

  6. Witch hazel works as a stringent if applied two to three times in a day.

  7. The best way to reduce pain and inflammation, you must take black alder, green crushed root, parsley, stone root, grapevine in oral form of pills or tea.

  8. Using peeled cloves of garlic or cone shaped parts of a fresh tomato are the simple home remedies to treat hemorrhoids.

  9. In the same way, to ease up the symptoms, Guinea spice and garlic enemas can help.

If you will continue to follow the tips of preventing the problem of hemorrhoids, it can go long way and once you are out of it at the initial stage; you can avoid them from reappearing by taking a proper diet. It’s important to drink lots of water daily, eat foods like blackstrap molasses, alfalfa sprouts, green vegetables, 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil. Also take food items rich in minerals, fibers like green beans, nuts, apple and broccoli.


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